Wayne County Government Buildings Get Energy Efficiency Makeover from Ameresco

Reducing Energy Waste Will Lower Utility Costs and Provide A Long-Term Solution For Wayne County


Outdated heating and air conditioning equipment, lighting and thousands of square feet of glass at the Wayne County Annex Building & Courthouse have been replaced with new energy efficient equipment and materials that will dramatically reduce energy waste and shave significant dollars off of the buildings annual operating costs.

The energy efficiency upgrade was performed by the Indianapolis office of energy services company Ameresco.

"This energy saving work at the Courthouse and Annex make them models of energy efficiency and didn't require an increase in local taxes," said Commissioner Mary Heyob.

The Commissioners conducted a competitive bidding process before eventually selecting Ameresco for its design and comprehensive solution that included a multi-stage, approximately 3 million dollar rehabilitation of the buildings' energy systems.

"We did not band-aid this project," said Indianapolis-based Ameresco Business Development Manager, Jeff Metcalf. "The County was faced with rising utility costs and equipment that was in need of replacement so the project was focused on providing a long-term solution for the County."

The most noticeable change is in the Annex atrium where the 30-year-old 6,000 square foot original glass ceiling was removed. Tinted glass with a higher insulting factor was installed in its place. The old glass that made up the atrium was a good source of natural light but the heat associated with the sunlight forced temperatures in the building to escalate beyond the old air conditioning system's ability to properly cool the space during the summer months.

As a result, the more efficient glass in the Annex, allowed Ameresco to scale back on the size of the newer cooling system that was installed, which contributed to additional savings.

Commissioner Heyob said maintenance personnel had been nursing along an older heating system on the site, replacing parts every six months.

"Boilers and other items were breaking down," said Heyob. "We knew up front all we wanted done but didn't know how much we could do."

During the first six years of the deal, under the contract signed with Ameresco, the reduction in operations spending will allow the County to recover the $3 million spent on new ceilings, lighting systems, energy management control systems, and window replacements. Ameresco estimates significant energy and operational cost savings each year through 2017.

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Source: Ameresco