Ameresco Joins Clinton Climate Initiative

Partnership Aims to Reduce Energy Demand and Costs in the World's Largest Cities


Ameresco, a global energy services provider, has officially joined the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) to help the world's largest cities reduce energy demand and costs in their facilities. Buildings are one of the largest consumers of energy and generate emissions that contribute to global climate change. "Ameresco takes pride in offering custom designed, comprehensive energy solutions," said Ameresco's CEO George P. Sakellaris. "Implementing environmentally conscious measures is Ameresco's way of reducing emissions and helping to make communities more sustainable."

Ameresco will work with CCI's Building Retrofit Program - a unique global partnership with banks, cities and energy savings companies, providing the money, expertise and technologies needed to cut energy consumption and emissions in buildings around the world.

Under the CCI partnership, Ameresco will audit buildings' energy use, perform building retrofits, and guarantee the amount of energy that can be saved. Participating banks have committed $5 billion to pay for the retrofits at no net cost to cities and building owners. Once the work is complete, cities and building owners will pay back the loans plus interest using the money saved on their energy bills as a result of the retrofits. So far, 16 cities around the world are participating in the program. It is estimated they will save between 20 and 35 percent on their energy bills. Cities will also benefit from lower costs on energy savings technologies, and those products will become more affordable and accessible as more cities get involved.

Ameresco will use its expertise as a global energy services provider to develop and implement tailored solutions that create efficient, revitalized, and modernized facilities. As the industry's largest, independent service provider, Ameresco is equipment and technology neutral, allowing its engineers to use the most appropriate, state-of-the-art technologies for a particular project. Ameresco will leverage this flexibility to provide unique solutions that meet each city's specific project needs.

Ameresco offers a full range of services that encompass energy and water efficiency, renewable and traditional energy infrastructure, operations and maintenance, and energy procurement and management. "Approaching building revitalization in a holistic manner enables Ameresco to devise solutions that address the unique cultural, structural, and climate based needs of each city," said David J. Anderson, Ameresco's Executive Vice President.

The Ameresco team has an award-winning track record of success and growth in the energy services industry. Ameresco's staff of energy efficiency and renewable energy experts has been providing solutions to a broad spectrum of customers including government, commercial entities, industry, healthcare and educational institutions. With over 30 years of history, Ameresco's projects represent nearly $4 billion USD worth of energy projects worldwide.

Ameresco CEO George Sakellaris was a featured speaker at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2005. In his speech, Mr. Sakellaris emphasized that energy conservation is one of our best global supply options, stating that, "If energy conservation measures were implemented utilizing today's existing technologies in all facilities worldwide, energy consumption would be reduced by 25 billion barrels annually and emissions would be reduced by 9.55 billion metric tons of C02 per year."

Ameresco is committed to making a positive contribution to the health and welfare of the planet, and welcomes the opportunity to work with the Clinton Climate Initiative to lessen the impact of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

ABOUT AMERESCO: Ameresco, Inc., is the largest independent comprehensive energy solutions provider in North America. Headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts, Ameresco utilizes innovative strategies, systems, and technologies for renewable and sustainable energy generation and infrastructure renewal, thereby reducing operating expenses, increasing energy reliability and enhancing the environment.

Source: Ameresco, Inc.