Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2022
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
On October 26, 2022, one of our subsidiaries entered into a loan agreement with a new lender under a non-recourse credit facility, refinancing a previous non-recourse credit facility originally signed on October 23, 2020, for a principal amount of up to $50,000 which was scheduled to expire March 31, 2026.
The refinanced loan is scheduled to mature on October 26, 2037, provides a principal amount of up to $125,000 and bears interest at a rate of 6.50% with a residual percentage of distributable cash flows payable after the maturity date of the loan, until the earlier of the lender achieving an 8.25% “IRR” on funds borrowed under the facility, or the facility discharge date on October 26, 2047. The principal and interest payments are due in quarterly installments based on an five-year amortization schedule with the principal payments being adjusted based on the distributable cash flows from the three renewable natural gas projects owned and operated by the project companies. No up-front, commitment or structuring fees were payable on the credit facility. The obligations under the loan are guaranteed by all the related subsidiaries and are secured by the subsidiaries’ assets as well as our equity interest in the signing subsidiary. Borrowings under the credit facility are otherwise non-recourse to Ameresco.
At the closing, we drew down $80,000 under this facility, approximately $26,500 of which was used to repay all amounts outstanding under the prior loan and the remainder was used to terminate swap obligations, pay transaction costs, make permitted distributions to Ameresco and for the project companies' working capital needs. The facility allows two additional draws, subject to certain conditions, up to the remaining principal amount, to be used to make distributions to Ameresco.
In October 2022, we terminated an interest rate swap and a commodity swap prior to their maturities related to the above refinancing. These swap terminations will result in a settlement gain of $694 and have no impact on the other derivatives that are designated as hedging instruments.
In October 2022, we entered into an arrangement with a lender to provide advances to us during the construction and operation of a certain project in exchange for our assignment to the lender of our rights to the long-term receivables arising from the energy conservation measures that we will own related to such project. The financing totals $18,318 with a final payment date of August 1, 2054, and we drew down $856 as of October, 31, 2022.